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We have over 12 years of experience in steel trading and are workinh with the largest suppliers in Europe so that we can deliver the best products at resonable costs.

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Cor-Ten steel (alloy made from copper, chromium, nickel and phosphorus) is distinguished by the colors changing, since installation and obedience to environmental factors steel sheets gaining a colors yellow, whose color becomes darker with the passing of time.

Subject to natural factors such oxidation, Cor-Ten steel sheet forms a thin patina over time that ensures high resistance material that does not require maintenance or lifetime maintenance. Patina and thus confers resistance to coryza formed, preventing the penetration of water or vapor. Painting and anti-corrosion treatments will not be so necessary in time.

  • high resistance to environmental factors
  • patina and corrosion protective thin
  • requires no maintenance or maintenance

  • customized appearance by changing colors
  • technical note on the color of rust
  • long life

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